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{Tracklist} //
Side A:

1. Hell Machine [5’52]
Klingon [406]
Side B:
1. Powerplay [
2. Machine Glitch [4’

► GOD08 Made 4 Air Guitar contests
January 2008 , Limited Edition 500 copies

Special record made 4 Air Guitar Contests by the famous German producer : Moleculez ! Rock to hell !

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{Tracklist} //
Side A:

You Stink
No Mistakes
Side B:
1. FABIO - Under Wave [
Coming on Strong

► GOD07 Masters Of Disaster
January 2007, Limited Edition 500 copies

Good stuff on GOD for this 7th opus !
4 trackers by The Masters Of Disaster like THE HARDCOHOLICS, FABIO, TMLP and ANGEROÏD aka LeeloO. Check the preview... and try to stay alive ;)

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{Tracklist} //
Side A:

1. Le Contact [5’03]
2. Electric Waves [
*with Hellseeker
3. Ardweez [3
Side B:
1. Ergens In De Oceaan [
2. Clean The Lines [4’
3. Dodge Bullets [4’47]

► GOD06 Clean The Electric Oceaan
January 2006, Limited Edition 500 copies

We dreamed about him for a long time ago on GOD's label. It's done ! Noizefucker done a really right and good quality stuff like he uses to do. It's hard, noisy, industrial and fat. Grrrrrrr, large thank you to Erwin Van Den Bosch for this very special gift he mades to the speedcore lovers.

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{Tracklist} //
Side A:

1. NRAK [5’08]
PUUmix [440]
Side B:
XK-GRTD [348]
2. Traumatektive [
3. Ringu [214]
2. Armatura [

► GOD05 Mystic Thriller
October 2006, Limited Edition 500 copies

An other Russian artist on GOD !
DJ Neuromancer comes from Moscou, like Liquid Blasted and he makes music for 11 years now. This ep is fresh and hard. Enjoy !

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{Tracklist} //
Side A:

1. Euphoria [6’00]
Snow Morning [426]
Side B:
1. Spazmophone [
2. Lost In Itself [4’

► GOD04 Lost In Itself
October 2005, Limited Edition 500 copies

Liquid Blasted still alive on Goddess Of Disaster's label. It's where he done his first release. After producing for Descente De Trip, Psychic Genocide, Deathchant, Hong Kong Violence ...

He comes again on GOD for a "Lost in itself ep" very well done !

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{Tracklist} //
Side A:

1. Goddess Off [7’28]
2. ThunderBoltsHot [5’30]
Side B:
1. Hardcore Symphony [6’48]
2. Over My Control [5’56]

GOD03 I'm not submissive ep

(April 2004, Limited Edition 500 copies)

An expicit title... for LeeloO.

She try with this record to explore any sides of hardcore.

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Review ...................................................

Really hard - if not impossible - to find and limited to 500 copies. Already out for a while actually but did not see or hear about it before a week ago.

Actually out since April 2004, but since we review older releases as well, we hereby start this trend.

Who is LeeloO ? A French classically skilled and trained musician playing piano, violin and the drums. This shows throughout her music as it is quite compositional. She initially did a lot in hip hop projects but started making hardcore in 2000.

Though the beats are clearly hardcore, the music is much more. She manages to break the boundaries of the genre and to lift it up towards a new sound, a blend of genres.

As "Digital Hardcore" did bring hardcore and punk together for example, we here get hardcore meeting electro, industrial, dark wave and EBM. The first track "Goddess Off" reminds me of "Aphex Twin" and "µ-ziq".

The difference is situated in the fact that someone has dropped an overdose of amphetamines into their beverage. EBM at 160 bpm is another possible description, then thinking of a guy like "Boris Mikulic".

The second track has more industrial and noise in it. It actually sounded as if someone was chasing me, trying to drill a gigantic whole in my head in order to suck out my brain...

By the middle of the track it seems I have escaped, but danger still lurks around the corner... Want to know how this ends ? Buy the damn record ! Track tile ? "ThunderBoltShot" (maybe a quick reference to games such as Quake ?).

As I survived, heavily impressed, this A-side, I move to side-B. First up is "Hardcore Symphony"...
It starts out as a soundtrack to a suspense movie. Initially setting the scene and zooming in..., then quickly evolving into a race for survival through darkened, damped dense forest. The record ends with "Over My Control".

It has a bass-line as if "Aphrodite" and "Kevin Saunderson" joined forces. "Autechre" gone mad, joined by "Coil" and "Seefeel" and "Alec Empire"... These bands come to mind listening to the final track that indeed goes out of control as feedback is increased...

A grand finale to a grand E.P.

Reviewed by Joeri De Ren



{Tracklist} //
Side A:

1. 666 [5’39]
2. GanstaCore * [5’17]

Side B:
1. Tetsuo [5’17]
2. Darkvivaldor [6’16]

remix of Fistfuckers by DJ Loky available on Noise Factory #007

► GOD02 667

(March 2004, Limited Edition 500 copies)

The second opus is made with Fabio, a "Format Head"'s member (with Dj Loky HARDCOHOLICS and LeeloO). He makes with Goddess his first ep alone. Big up for him !

Check the preview on mp3 and have a very good listening...

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{Tracklist} //

Side A:

1. Liquid was blasted [5’14]
2. Low for high [4’08]

Side B:
1. To go beyond 3 [4’19]
2. Sunshine breakout [4’48]
3. Stupor [2’16]

► GOD01 Liquid was blasted

(October 2003, Limited Edition 500 copies)

This record is the first and it’s a very good project we made with a Russian artist : Liquid Blasted.

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