DJ Loky (Format Head / Hardcoholics) St Etienne // France

He’s the NOISE FACTORY label owner with his friend KYO_O the other part of HARDCOHOLICS.
He’s also a DJ with a wicked style.

He made his first steps into hip hop music in 1995 with his brother and some friends, but when he discovered the rave parties's land some months later, something new happened.

He began mixing in free party and in some little pubs before meeting DJ OLIVE of "B.E.A.S.T. Records". He releases his first record with KYO_O under the name HARDCOHOLICS in 1998. After that, many releases followed on "B.E.A.S.T. Records", "EPILEPTIK", "PSYCHIK GENOCIDE", "HARDCORPS" and "DEATHCHANT".

They also decided to create their own label, NOISE FACTORY, in 2000.

Since this time they never stop playing in big parties all over the France and in other countries like in Manchester at the Species.

In 2002 they recruited LEELOO in the band that brought a new energy in the live act. They made many big parties together in France and in other countries like Swiss, Germany and Nederland.

After that, KYO_O decided to take a break into music and left the band in 2004.

DJ LOKY also taken part in a project "FORMAT HEAD" with DJ FABIO and LEELOO, they just released the "VIOLENT 13".


DJ Neuromancer Moscou // Russia

Neuromancer was writing music since 1995. At first it was Techno and Ambient sounds and few years later his style becameharder and faster.
His first album is "InferNal ReverberationS" 2001.
After two years of sound experiments came new "Caustic Lunar Sonority" in 2003. Neuromancer uses to produce music with "Le Gawrique" who does music since 1998.
It was light experiments in slow breakbeat sound.
In 1999, "Le Gawrique" releases his first album as Greasp project.
Then 2002 album "Zer0". Then started hardcore experiments.
And now Le Gawrique and Neuromancer are together as
"Xuzuluxuz Project" and "Xuzuluxuz Klan Sound System Project".


Noizefucker Almere // The Netherlands

Noizefucker started dj-ing and producing in 1997 and had his first booking
in 2001. He developed an unique distorted and fast style. This style got appreciated more and more by the people around him which resulted in more bookings.
Meanwhile he was making music and got releases at : Hong Kong violence, Splitter Gewalt, Special Forces, Noisekick Records.
Now a days he plays a lot on parties almost every weekend and makes more and more music and diffrent styles. He even did a CD Mix called "Darkcore 8" at the Masters Of Hardcore Crew.


LeeloO (Format Head / Hardcoholics / Angeroïd) St Etienne // France

At frist LeeloO has a classical formation, she played violin, piano and battery. After her first big party in the south of France in Summer 1994, and a lot of partcipations on hip hop's bands in music producing, she decided to start to compose Hardcore in 2000. She dislikes to stay in the same style and she finds in hardcore a lot of differents sides to explore. Very interrested by sounds and styles blend, she try to introduce what she likes in her tracks.

Since 2002, she plays with the HARDCOHOLICS Band (DJ Loky & Kyo_O) and insert some of her tracks into there liveset. She puts her voice into a track made by Alcore intituled « Parisiens, Marseillais », makes the NOISE FACTORY 005 with FORMAT HEAD (DJ Loky & Fabio) and releases her first ep alone on the NF06 « Isterik Woman ».

After that, she creates her own label GODDESS OF DISASTER and releases Liquid Blasted and Fabio. She produces 4 realy personal tracks for the GOD03. She makes tracks for CANADIAN SPEEDCORE RESISTANCE 03, SANITARIUM 03 and VIOLENT 13 with FORMAT HEAD.
During this time, she never stop playing live act with DJ LOKY in Switzerland at the BIELLA FACTORY (2HARD4U), the RKC (REBIRTH 3) or the STEAK (INDUSTRIAL FACTORY), the SSP parties in the south of France, in Canada, Germany for the SEPTEMBER APOCALYSPE 2, the KICK HARD in Belgium, the EPIDEMIC EXPERIENCE or the MANGACORE in France.

Soon, it ll be release on NOISE FACTORY a double CD (NFBOX01) with a liveset by HARDCOHOLICS vs LEELOO + 1 Digital Mix with unreleased tracks by the artists of the labels NOISE FACTORY, GODDESS OF DISASTER and DESCENTE DE TRIP.

She wants to do a new trickly Industrial division of NOISE FACTORY and she'll release on January 2006 the #01 with DJ LOKY in a hard and slow Industrial Hardcore called SQUADRON.


Fabio (SSP Crew / Format Head) Frejus // France

After arriving in the techno scene in 1993, Fabio decides to experiment with turnables in 1995 and it is only in 1998 that he first begins to play in free parties and teknivals in the South of France.

His style is consistantly evolving and can vary from industrial to speedcore to breakcore. With a fondness for extreme frequencies, he likes to surprise his audience with experimental sounds.

He is also the co-founder of the "SSP SOUND SYSTEM
" with his friend Ahmed. They make only free parties that are entirely dedicated to extreme electronic music. He made his first record with "Format Head" on the NOISE FACTORY, and he wants to continue alone for now with GODDESS.


Liquid Blasted (aka dj Negative) Moscou // Russia

I'm 2
3 years old and I was born in a north of Russia, I come to Moscow region, where in 1995 I became a raver, hehehe and in 1996 I was arrived into the hardcore world.

Since 2001 I have started to create music. I'm a big fan of French sound, and my favorites artists it's most known people are : Radium, Alcore, Hardcoholics, Joshua, Core-Tex Labs and many others.

Also I like such music styles as hard-techno, dark ambient, breakcore,... and some old rave techno music too.

Post-nuclear world of industrial mechanisms, rusty computers and electronic pulsations
, that's my inspiration.